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What makes NTM (Nordic Total Merit) special?

Registrations in the Nordic countries are the cornerstone of herd management. They are also a unique base for the estimation of genomic breeding values and national health programmes. The Nordic farmers are highly motivated to make precise registrations, so they can calculate key figures that are used to monitor their herd. Registrations are the key to optimize profit.


Strong Nordic tradition of registrations

  • Milk, fat and protein for decades
  • Calving ease since 1982
  • Health treatments since 1984
  • Linear classifications since 1990


Continuously improving with new data from a variety of sources

  • Hoof trimmers
  • AMS systems
  • Novel lab tests
  • Feed uptake equipment – near future

The Nordic registration system makes Viking unique. All farmers record all animals with an ID-number at the time of birth, the unique number follows the animal until it is slaughtered. All data are continuously gathered in a common database.

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