VH Dent RC Daughter No 31472 8114Gaardsted Højgaard IS Løgstør

One of the leading cattle export organizations in Denmark

Our goal is to source the best breeding cattle that suit your demands. The breeders in Denmark are among the most efficient in the world. They have productive, healthy and cost effective cows with a high genetic level.

VikingLivestock is owned by VikingDanmark and are partners with VikingGenetics. VikingGenetics is an international organization and supplies farmers with semen worldwide. VikingDanmark offers breeding and reproductive advisory to all their customers. This gives VikingLivestock customers access to the whole Viking association.

The Viking association have breeding specialists for all main cattle breeds and have in-house specialists in reproduction (veterinarians and technicians). They have efficient breeding programmes and produce high class semen. The Viking association creates value for farmers and customers in Denmark and around the world on a daily basis. We pride ourselves with good customer experiences.

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