We are now ready to present the program for the World Jersey Cattle Bureau 2024. 

Find the program HERE - updatet version 6th of March

Find inspiration and simple program HERE

For you registration go to this site: Registration

The trip to Normay will be completed and we are looking forward to that. 


Price change 

We are very pleased that a lot of interested Jersey enthusiasts has registered for the World Jersey Conference already. We hope for many more registrations and for that reason we send you a kind reminder to register a.s.a.p.

First deadline is Monday March 4st. It will still be possible to register during March, but price will increase by 10% on top of the current price. In April, the price will increase by 20%.

The increase is due to cost of retention of hotel reservations.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance with registration or anything else.


Arrival in Denmark

We will gather all at 12 pm in Copenhagen airport (or close by (to be decided)) on Sunday 16th, ready for departure at 12.30pm


Departure from Denmark:

If you fly out from Copenhagen, then this is recommended:

Take the bus leaving the hotel at 9am. Arrival in Copenhagen airport at 12.15pm

Several flight options all afternoon, to most destinations around the world.

Ferry from Denmark to Norway are not included in the price at the registration. Departure Saturday 22th, at 8.00pm (overnight) 


Departure from Norway

The Norway part ends on Thursday 27th at noon. Bus will drop delegates off at Sola Airport, Stavanger, at 12.30pm

Flight options are (direct flights): Copenhagen at 1.45pm, 3.50pm and 6.40pm, Oslo at 2.10pm and every hour thereafter, London is at 7.30pm.